Drunk Kid Runs into Angry Lady

While watching this video, I simply couldn’t take it seriously.

The video was actually funny at times, but thankfully, no one was hurt.

I just think that the entire video was staged. I personally can’t see anyone talking very disrespectfully to a skier who accidentally ran into someone.

She also went so far to say that it’s a criminal offense to ski out of control, which just seemed laughable because it wasn’t like the skier was intentionally trying to hurt the angry lady.

In my opinion, the angry lady was at fault anyway because she went across the ski slope sideways without first checking uphill.

One of the first rules of skiing is to always check uphill before crossing or skiing downhill on a slope.

I was definitely annoyed with the angry lady. I don’t think she should have talked to the skier like that. I know the skier didn’t mean any harm.

After watching the video in its entirety, I’m convinced that the video was staged because it was so ridiculous. I think that it was probably created to get many likes.

The angry lady was making such wild accusations that I just think most people would have argued with her if the video was real.