Skiing Fail

Since the camera was positioned so close to the skier’s face, the video was a bit scary to watch. I actually had no idea what to expect from the video.

I was surprise to see the skier fall unexpectedly. I felt bad after the skier fell, but luckily he appeared unharmed. He was able to put his glasses back on following the fall, so he couldn’t have been hurt too badly.

In my opinion, the only lesson that we should learn from the video is to be mindful of where we are going. The guy in the video seemed to run straight into an object, perhaps even on purpose? It’s hard to tell why he didn’t try to avoid the object. I’m tempted to think that the video was staged.

At the beginning of the video, the people in the background appeared to be enjoying a snow day. I’m wondering why they didn’t rush to the skier’s rescue after the fall. It makes me want to believe that the fall was either on purpose, or it wasn’t too bad.

I just think that the overall video was strange to watch.