High Speed Ski Crash at over 200kph

In this video depicting a high speed ski crash, the professional skier appeared to have lost control and then took a big fall. With that said, I’m sure the skier is fine because his outfit provided much protection. Not to mention, he can be seen talking to reporters at the end of the video.

Most distracted viewers probably didn’t even notice that his ski broke in half after it was detached. The detached ski shows the strong impact of the skier’s fall. It seems like both the skier and the ski took a beating.

I thought this video was really scary. Fortunately, the professional wasn’t hurt badly, but the fall could have been a lot worse, even deadly. It was so great to see him standing tall at the end. He is definitely an inspiration to the skiing community.

I think that the video was authentic. The only lesson that could be learned is that practice makes perfect.