Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

Hey y’all out there. The rest of the ski season has been canceled…three guesses why…so I’m back blogging about the badges of injury that we carry with us. I thought I’d start out by watching and doing commentary on wipeout videos. Here’s my first attempt:

The video starts off in the middle of the event, because of this you do not get a good understanding of how the woman falls to begin with. While watching the man behind her attempt to help pick her up, you think she is about to be back up on her feet in no time! However, to my surprise not only was she still on the ground, he went down with her. At the point in which they are both laying on the lift struggling to get up, I did find the humor in this situation. Falling in skis is an obstacle of its own, but falling in skis on a moving belt is a totally different challenge. Luckily the guy realized fast that his best option to get back on his feet was to abandon the skis!