Learning How to Fall: Skis

Falls and accidents are unavoidable. If you’ve ever tried to ski or snowboard, you’ve likely taken a hit or two on your way down the mountain. However, new skiers may be surprised to learn that the wal you fall can increase or decrease the significance of your injury. Learning to fall is one of the first skills (yes, falling is a skill) a new skier should learn. If you don’t want to take a lesson, this tutorial is your next-best option. There are several falling techniques you should know; see below for a step-by-step guide for learning to fall on skis.  

Side crashing—When you fall on your side, do your best to avoid putting all the weight into your hips. Instead, use your arm to slap the ground as you hit, making sure to disperse the pressure throughout the limb. Spread your body as much as possible to increase the surface area, which will spread the impact evenly over your body. Don’t try to catch yourself with your elbow or wrist—you’ll likely break or dislocate something. 

Back crashing—This is one of the harder falls to anticipate, but it rarely happens on skis. Do your best to roll yourself to the ground and smash both arms into the ground to disperse the impact. Again, don’t try to break your fall with your elbow, shoulder, or wrist; keep your arms in front of you as much as possible while still allowing them to hit the ground before your tailbone. 

Front crashing—Another unusual fall for skiers, front crashes are easier to anticipate. When you fall, keep your hands in front of your face to avoid injury, but do not attempt to break your fall with the wrists, elbows, or shoulders. Instead, try to put the weight of the fall into your forearms, falling in a plank-like position. This will absorb the impact. 

Of course, the best way to prevent ski injuries is to avoid falling altogether. Always ski within your comfort zone and in control, and always wear the appropriate gear. However, when all else fails, practicing these techniques can save you weeks or months of recovery in the event of a bad accident.