5 Celebrity Ski Accidents

Ski accidents are the great equalizer—no matter how wealthy, famous, or skilled a person is at the sport, mishaps are bound to occur. While personal accidents can be funny in retrospect, celebrity ski accidents seem to take on lives of their own. Perhaps it is because many of the best-known were fatal; perhaps because it’s entertaining to see the rich and famous fall flat on their butts. Regardless, these memorable mishaps have stood the test of time. Here are five unforgettable ski accidents to entertain, teach, and remind us that skiing is a dangerous sport, regardless of your net worth. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger—Who could forget Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accident in 2006? The Governator tripped over one of his ski poles while skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho. The accident resulted in a broken femur, which was quickly operated on upon his return to Los Angeles. For a short time after the accident, Sun Valley renamed the trail “Arnold’s Run” to commemorate the event.  

Dieter Zetsche—While not a true “celebrity,” this German businessman deserves a spot on this list. While on vacation in Austria, he was whacked by a woman on a snowboard. The impact broke Zetsche’s shoulder, but he did not take any time off from work to tend to his injury; he returned to work following his vacation with his left arm in a sling.  

Heather Mills—Former model and ex-wife of Paul McCartney has quite an embarrassing ski story. While skiing on Moelltaler Glacier in Australia, she crashed into a plastic pole that had frozen solid. She shattered her shoulder blade, but reportedly told the media at the time: “That’s skiing, you know.” 

Angela Merkel—In 2014, German chancellor Angela Merkel joined the list of celebrities who have suffered moderate ski injuries. During a holiday in Switzerland, Merkel fractured her pelvis, forcing the world leader to cancel several meetings and trips in the weeks thereafter. Apparently, she didn’t even realize the pelvis was broken. 

Natasha Richardson—Who could forget the insane story of Natasha Richardson’s unlikely death? The British actress fell while taking a beginning ski lesson at the Mont Tremblant Resort in Quebec. She hit her head, but seemed fine. After refusing medical treatment, she returned to her hotel room. Around three hours later, she began to complain of a headache. She was taken to the hospital and died two days after the accident. Cause of death? Epidural hematoma due to blunt impact to the head. Wear your helmets, kids.