Learning How to Skateboard vs. Learning How to Snowboard

We know a lot of people out there say that skateboarding is harder to learn, and we one thousand percent agree that skateboarding tends to produce more gnarly injuries. What’s more, we recognize that there’s a lot more opportunities seasonally and locally to practice skateboarding compared to snowboarding. It’s also a lot easier, financially and logistically, to start a skateboarding habit.

To us, it really depends on the equipment and the environment. You can find indoor environments and even a lot of parking lots that represent essentially flawless grounds to learn how to at least push off and balance on a skateboard. Now, there are indoor training facilities and even some at-home products you can use to learn and train for snowboarding. But for the most part, you’re dealing with imperfections on the slopes and varying snow conditions that create something of an immersion experience, no matter how bunny the slope is.

Still, things get hard really quickly with skateboarding, whereas a lot of people can become fairly competent at snowboarding in just a day or two. When it comes to skiing vs. snowboarding, the general consensus is that skiing is easier to learn but harder to master. We might say the same thing in that skateboarding is easier to learn than snowboarding but harder to master.

Why choose one when you can do both?

It’s also true that once you’ve learned one of these skills, you should be able to pick up the other pretty quickly. It’s a little like learning a new language. There may be certain rules and words that trio you up, but generally speaking, you can use your knowledge and muscle memory from one discipline to get a head start on learning the other discipline.