Cross Country Skiing Fails

As I was watching this video, I definitely didn’t think that it was authentic.

I believe the creator told the participants to fall down on purpose so that the video would be a compilation of falls.

The video was probably supposed to be funny, but I didn’t particularly find it amusing. I did enjoy listening to the upbeat music, though.

In fact, the video’s music made me think that everything was staged. If the skiers really fell, I doubt that an upbeat song would be chosen.

I’m just glad that no one in the video was hurt while they were pretending to fall. It could have been a dangerous situation if someone had really gotten injured.

The video did get several thousand views, so obviously people are being entertained by this compilation of falls.

As a side note, it looks like the video was shot in the 1990s or early 2000s. There is no lesson to be learned from the video except how to shoot people falling.

Drunk Kid Runs into Angry Lady

While watching this video, I simply couldn’t take it seriously.

The video was actually funny at times, but thankfully, no one was hurt.

I just think that the entire video was staged. I personally can’t see anyone talking very disrespectfully to a skier who accidentally ran into someone.

She also went so far to say that it’s a criminal offense to ski out of control, which just seemed laughable because it wasn’t like the skier was intentionally trying to hurt the angry lady.

In my opinion, the angry lady was at fault anyway because she went across the ski slope sideways without first checking uphill.

One of the first rules of skiing is to always check uphill before crossing or skiing downhill on a slope.

I was definitely annoyed with the angry lady. I don’t think she should have talked to the skier like that. I know the skier didn’t mean any harm.

After watching the video in its entirety, I’m convinced that the video was staged because it was so ridiculous. I think that it was probably created to get many likes.

The angry lady was making such wild accusations that I just think most people would have argued with her if the video was real.

Skiing Fail


Since the camera was positioned so close to the skier’s face, the video was a bit scary to watch. I actually had no idea what to expect from the video.

I was surprise to see the skier fall unexpectedly. I felt bad after the skier fell, but luckily he appeared unharmed. He was able to put his glasses back on following the fall, so he couldn’t have been hurt too badly.

In my opinion, the only lesson that we should learn from the video is to be mindful of where we are going. The guy in the video seemed to run straight into an object, perhaps even on purpose? It’s hard to tell why he didn’t try to avoid the object. I’m tempted to think that the video was staged.

At the beginning of the video, the people in the background appeared to be enjoying a snow day. I’m wondering why they didn’t rush to the skier’s rescue after the fall. It makes me want to believe that the fall was either on purpose, or it wasn’t too bad.

I just think that the overall video was strange to watch.

Jackson Hole Skiing Wipeout

The wipeout looks pretty scary because they’re on a steep incline (can’t tell if it’s a black, double black, etc.). From what I can tell, it looks like the person who wiped out was pretty out of control when they did, because the person taking the video was able to stop pretty quickly. They seem to be okay by the end of the video because they’ve slowed down or stopped, and there’s someone to help them at the bottom. As a skier, this video seemed scary because the original fall resulted in an uncontrollable slide down the trail. The video didn’t feel particularly staged, and because it seemed so uncontrolled it’s not funny. Since we don’t actually see what happened at the beginning of the fall, it would be better to at least see if the person ended up okay.

High Speed Ski Crash at over 200kph


In this video depicting a high speed ski crash, the professional skier appeared to have lost control and then took a big fall. With that said, I’m sure the skier is fine because his outfit provided much protection. Not to mention, he can be seen talking to reporters at the end of the video.

Most distracted viewers probably didn’t even notice that his ski broke in half after it was detached. The detached ski shows the strong impact of the skier’s fall. It seems like both the skier and the ski took a beating.

I thought this video was really scary. Fortunately, the professional wasn’t hurt badly, but the fall could have been a lot worse, even deadly. It was so great to see him standing tall at the end. He is definitely an inspiration to the skiing community.

I think that the video was authentic. The only lesson that could be learned is that practice makes perfect.